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Site Survey Notification

Site Survey Notification
Sanitary Sewer Replacement in Alley Between Ford Street and N. Huber Street

Dear Project Area Residents,

The City of Anamosa is working with HR Green on a sanitary sewer replacement project near the vicinity of your home. The project involves upsizing 1,300 feet of sewer in the alley between Ford Street and N. Huber Street, from Webster Street to Main Street. HR Green has initiated a site survey for design needs.

Vobr-Niemeyer, LLC will be conducting a site survey within the project area in mid-to-late April of this year. During this time, there will be one to two people in the alley recording manhole locations, pavement extents, property boundaries, etc. Any underground utilities will also be flagged in the project area prior to the survey.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Anamosa City Hall at 319-462-6055 ext:303