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The Anamosa Police Department consists of the Police Chief, Sergeant, 6 full-time Police Officers, 5 part-time Police Officers, and the Administrative Assistant.

APD Org chart

The full-time Police Officers of the Anamosa Police Department work 12-hour shifts, providing 24/7 law enforcement services to our community.  To provide additional coverage, part-time Police Officers are scheduled as needed.  The Sergeant’s schedule varies to accommodate the needs of the department.  The Administrative Assistant works during the administrative office hours; Monday-Friday between 7:30am-4:30pm.  And, to balance the needs of the community and the department, the Chief of Police maintains a highly flexible schedule, but is generally in the office during administrative office hours.

werling headshot
Chief of Police- Eric Werling 

Administrative Assistant- Jaimie Lightner


Sergeant - Nick Brokaw #102

Officer Tyler Hunt #108

Probationary Officer Ronn Christy #103

Officer Nicole Minnihan #104

Officer Gabe Humphrey #106

Officer Colin Reeg #105

Officer Derek Kunkel #107

Part Time Officers
Officer Derek Denniston #109
Officer Will Wagner #112
Officer Sean Snyder #113

Office Dog- Novella

Office Dog - Mia

Office Dog - Daisy