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The City of Anamosa may occasionally seek to dispose of city-owned personal property (vehicles, equipment, goods and/or furnishings).  The City can choose to dispose of this city-owned personal property through various means, including requesting bids, auction, or by advertising the property for sale.  To purchase any of the following personal property, the following Purchase Request form must be completed and submitted to City Hall.

Purchase Request Form

The  process for the sale of real property (land and buildings) is specified in Section 364.7 of the Code of Iowa and not included on this page.

Property Advertise Date Closing Date
Asking Price
Copier, Lanier C2000  6/5/24 8/5/24 $1,500 OBO
Copier, Laserjet MFP E57540 6/5/24 8/5/24 $800 OBO